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The Canadian Society for Engineering Management
P.O. Box 40140, Bank/ Hunt Club
Ottawa, Ontario
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The Calgary Section of the Canadian Society for Engineering Management (CSEM-Calgary) conducts a series of luncheons on topics related to engineering management, held at 11:45 am once a month from October to May in the Tivoli Room, Danish Canadian Club, 727 11 Ave. SW, Calgary.

To register: please Click here - before noon the Friday prior.

Contact Information

CSEM - Calgary
Suite 236
2137 - 33 Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta T2T 1Z7

Calgary Executive Members

Chair: Mr. Derek Macdonald, P.Eng.

Past-Chair: Mr. John Wood, P.Eng.

Treasurer: Mrs. Susan Parker, P.Eng.

Luncheon Administrator: Mr. Mike Brawn, P.Eng.

Student Affairs:

Director-at-Large: Mr. Dan Burns, P.Eng.

Director-at-Large: Mr. Colin Campbell, P.Eng.

Director-at-Large: Mr. Ralph Garrett, P.Eng.

Director-at-Large: Mr. Tony Howard, P.Eng.

Member-at-Large: Mr.Mike Davies, P.Eng.

Secretary: Ms. Daniela Ostoici, P.Eng, MBA,

Publicity: Mr. David Richards, P.Eng.


Calgary Meetings 2017-2018 Season

To register: please Click here - before noon the Friday prior

October 16
Currie Barracks Redevelopment

Canada Lands Company
Chris Elkey

No Meeting

December 11
Alberta's Electricity Market and AESO's Long-Term Outlook of Future Demand and Generation

Alberta Electrical System Operator
Grant Freudenthaler / Ryan Scholefield

January 15
Crowchild Trail Redevelopment

City of Calgary
Feisal Lakha

Meeting TBA

Meeting TBA

Meeting TBA

Meeting TBA